Cell Phone Survey

Cell Phone Satisfaction Survey

1. I use a cell phone for: Business; Personal; Both business & personal
Security & emergency only.

2. I have been using a cell phone for: Less than 6 months; 1/2 to 1 year; 1 to 2 years; 2 to 3 years; Over 3 years.

3. Over the years, about how many wireless providers have you used? One; Two; Three; Four or more.

4. If you recently changed wireless providers, what was the main reason? New technology; Improved pricing plan; New phone device such as Samsung, Apple, etc.; Service area coverage improvement.

5. Please grade the importance of each topic at the right using the following scale: From 1 – Very important; 2 – Somewhat important; 3 – Not very important; 4 – I don’t care at all. Cost per minute used; High usage pricing plan; Low usage pricing plan; Service area coverage; Latest technology; Variety of phone styles & colors available.

6. Today my cell phone provider is: Verizon; Sprint; T-Mobile; Verizon; Other

7. Please identify the one most important reason that you remain with your current provider. Price; Talk signal clarity; Deals on phone equipment; Special price plan feature; I have a contract, but will change as soon as it expires.

8. My favorite cell phone equipment brand is: LG; Google; Motorola; Samsung; Verizon; Other.

9. What factors might cause you to change carriers? Lower cost per minute; High usage pricing plan; Low usage pricing plan; Service area coverage; New technology; Variety of phones available; Unlimited talk & data usage; Other.

10. I plan to replace my land line with a cell phone. Agree or Disagree?

11. I support having a law against using a cell phone while driving. Agree or Disagree?

12. How many cell phones are there in your household? None now, but soon our first; One; Two; Three; Everyone has one.

13. About how soon do you expect to upgrade to a new cell phone device? Within 3 months; 4 to 6 months; 7 to 12 months; Very unlikely to upgrade.

14. Can you identify any features or services that you would like on your next phone and from your carrier?

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